MGK is a leading US based metal trading & processing company. Our consistent urge to satisfy client’s constantly changing needs has helped MGK to maintain good clientele in India and the Far East.


Market Potential

US exports up to 20% of the scrap it produces and this has gone up substantially in last 5 years and is poised to grow further as developing countries increases their consumption

US Domestic Ferrous Market: $8 billion industry, 60 million tons year ferrous scrap, 4700 scrap processors, 100+ steel mills, 700 foundries, 219 shredders

We look to the future with renewed enthusiasm borne out of our experience of the past and a vision of things to come for the future. In the ensuing scenario for the future we envision an expanded product base and newer markets of the developing countries being catered to from the ports on the west & east coasts of United States. We recognize the immense potential which lies ahead in the recognition that we have only scratched the surface yet.

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